donderdag 4 februari 2010

Report China meeting 04 februari 2010.

André shows pictures of the museum, rooms with on 1 side daylight. Lots of disturbing elements in the wall, like electrical plug-in and fire extinguishers. Upstairs not so nice space, we prefer downstairs rooms. More industrial look and higher ceiling.

Roundabout 15 schools will participate. 9 Chinese and 6 foreign schools. André has point out his choice to the museum, a space with fixed walls is the best for us. Pinar and Viola will make impression for exhibition setup by using André photo’s

Next meeting is Tuesday 16th February at 10.00 h here at SI.

Deadline to send design of catalogue to china is postponed to 15th march. But send in asap your info if you didn’t yet.

Planning for the trip ( 6 – 21 May):
Thursday 6 or Friday 7 May: departure to Beijing
Sunday 9th May: train to Xuzhou
Monday 10th till Friday 14th: build up exhibition
Friday 14th May: Opening in Museum
Saturday 15th: seminar
Sunday 16th: seminar
Monday 17th: train to Shanghai
Thursday 20th or Friday 21st: back to Amsterdam

André Viola and Pinar will sit together next week to make setup for exhibition design.

Assignment for everybody!
calculate how many space do you need for your work.
Calculate square meters floor and/or wall space.
Email to:

The system of the catalogue is the idea of a mirror. Check examples in our meetingspace.
The contact info of some of you is not complete. Please send following info:
-your email
-your website
-other contact info if you want, like phonenumber or studio/home address.
Email to:

English correction will be made by André, he will talk with you personally if text is not correct and needs changes.

Personal notes:
Jennifer: your text is only in Dutch, please make an English version and email
Bernardo is not in it yet.
Apostolos: long text: send in more images (drawings!)or shorten text a bit if possible.
Arthur: Change image if possible.
No Contact info of: Arthur, Nienke, Mirela, Marlies, Ulrike, Apostolos in catalogue yet. Please send.

Film interview:
Maurits and Rick will make film again. About what COPY means for you. More info will follow.

Technical info:
André reserved already 3 beamers and 5 flat screens. If there are other technical equipment needed please make a list. Drills, ladders, special lightning, pedestals etc.

Transport by container to China:
Ulirike, Saron and Elena need already the transport. Who else?
Sign in please and make description of volume of work.

Put your ideas, sketches, opinions etc. on out blog:

Greeetings, Gerben en André

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