maandag 11 januari 2010

Folding bags / Furoshiki

For the first time in history, more than half of the world population lifes in cities
Worldwide is a huge movement of people going. Every hour 7500 people moves from rural to urban. For example, a resident of New Delhi have to drive at least seven hours to get outside the city. And who travels from New York to Washington DC, is not even outside the urban environment. One third of the 3 billion urban dwellers in the third world lives in a slum and that number is rapidly increasing. In twenty years two thirds of the world population lives in cities.¹ ¹ The urban age VPRO

The city is the place with the endless possibilities with a strong appeal to the hinterland, the rural people see it as a place to realize their dreams, people move to the city with no real idea what to expect, will they succeed in their dreams or will they fail?
This modern nomadity is the starting point for the creation of two series of folding bags.²

1) For those people arriving in the city, bags are made from basic materials, like canvas, which refers to the "blank" beginning, free to absorb the city.
2) For the people who are leaving the city the bags are made of material that is found in the city think of construction plastics, or shopping-bags, etc.
² Furoshiki

The grids and buildings on the bags are copies of the cities which are dealing with the issue of migration, Cities like Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, etc. These grids and buildings are downloaded from 3d warehouse ³ and re-used as drawings on the folding bags as an icon of migration for the past and for the future.


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